I haven’t had a little or a sub in a very long time. Any offers?

8:32 am  •  28 July 2014  •  2 notes

I love getting new followers! If you want to chat then send me a message and hopefully make some new friends :)


8:21 am  •  28 July 2014
Anonymous: I was hoping you'd say me

Well I don’t know who you are anon :)

Message me off anon and we can chat :3
5:24 am  •  28 July 2014
Anonymous: Top 3 people you want to fuck on here?

Oh man another very hard question, there is so many.

I guess if I’m following you and you’re female i would most likely want to have sex with you, each person is sexy is their own way and it’s too hard to decide.

The blog that got me into tumblr was definitely gatsbyswhore@tumblr.com


4:57 am  •  28 July 2014